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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mozilla posts Firefox 3.5.5

A maintenance update fixed five stability related bugs, three of which have been labeled as critical. No major security concerns have been reported since the Firefox 3.5.4 release.
Mozilla has released Firefox 3.5.5 Thursday, an incremental Firefox update that brought no new features. Instead, the open-source organization said the Firefox 3.5.5 update fixed “several stability issues.” A closer look at the complete list of changes provides a detailed outlook of all the issues that have been resolved in the Firefox 3.5.5 release.
The list includes no security and stability related issues, a strange move for the open-source organization that usually updates the Firefox browser whenever those types of problems arise. Instead, Firefox 3.5.5 squashed five stability related bugs, with three labeled critical.
The critical issue with the GIF decoder that first appeared in the Windows version of Firefox 3.5.4 would trigger frequent crashes on some sites, but it has now been resolved. OS X and Linux versions of Firefox 3.5.4 don’t suffer from this bug. Firefox 3.5.5 also fixed an annoying issue with font handling that might lead to a startup crash.
You can update your Firefox installation by choosing the Check for Updates option under the Help menu, if the auto-updating mechanism hasn’t already delivered the latest version to you. Alternatively, you can manually
download Firefox
3.5.5 for Windows (7.7MB download) or browser versions for other operating systems and languages here. Related Posts with Thumbnails