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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hospital Management System (HMS)

Hospital Management System
Stellar has developed integrated revolutionary product "HMS" that covers all the major functional areas of modern multi-specialty Hospitals. The Hospital Management System is a software product suite that is Easy to install, scalable, removes complexity affordable and can be used by hospitals, nursing homes or any health care centers It ensures systematic approach to the way that can transform your healthcare to its highest productive and efficient. HMS is currently being used by thousand of hospitals, nursing homes or health cares worldwide. It is also useful for OPD management It has 21 distinct modules that make the management of health care extremely efficient. Moreover, more modules can be added according to requirement of hospital. It provides utmost satisfaction to patients, staff and administration with reduced costs. The retrieval of any real time information is quite easy. Doctors waste time on clerical activities which is an unproductive activity they can spend more on patients. "HMS" is also called as ERP of Hospital. The following features of "HMS" makes it distinct from other Hospital sxoftware's available in the market. Free Download

The software can be customized for a variety of hospitals such as medium sized clinics, large sized hospital, super specialty hospital or purely private hospitals.

STELLAR has developed an integrated Hospital Management System (HMS), which addresses all the major functional areas of modern multi-specialty hospitals. STELLAR’s HMS enables better patient care, patient safety, efficiency and reduced costs. It provides easy access to critical information there by enabling the management to take better decisions on time.

The package has been developed on the latest relational database system technology SQL SERVER 2005 and VB.Net provides the benefits of streamlining of operations, enhanced administration and control, improved response, cost control and improved profitability. Medinous can be easily customized to the requirements of any hospital.
Features of HMS:

# Registration
# Electronic Medical Record.
# Billing
# Financial Accounting
# Fixed Assets
# Staff Attendance (Barcode or BioMetrics)
# Payroll (Automated Tax Calculations , Earnings, Deductions)
# Outpatient Management
# Inpatient Management
# Pharmacy
# General Store & Inventory
# Laboratory
# Radiology
# Physiotherapy
# Dental
# User Management
# Utilities
# Backup to Hard Disk/CD/DVD/Floppies/Pen Drive etc
# Restore
# Database Maintenance
# Financial Year Ending Related Posts with Thumbnails