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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

If you are looking for cheap car insurance you have come to the right place.

We have put together a number of options for you below, just click on the links below where you can apply direct to some of the best car insurance providers on the internet. Including the unique Pay-As-You-Go policy from eCar, where you can take out your car insurance for a month at a time.

Types of Car Insurance

  • Fully Comprehensive: This type of car insurance offers you the best protection (covers your car for an accident irrespective of blame), and should be used if you have an expensive car.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft: This type of car insurance will pay out in the event your car is stolen or if it catches fire, it will also pay for any damage to any third party cars in the event of an accident (not your car). It is cheaper to take this form of insurance than fully comprehensive.
  • Third Party Only: This type of car insurance will only cover third party damage in the event of an accident (not your car), and will not pay out if your car is stolen or catches fire. It is the least expensive form of car insurance, and is the minimum requirement by law.
  • Multi Car: With this type of insurance you can insure yourself to drive a number of different cars on the same policy.
  • Multi Driver: This type of insurance allows you insure several drivers to drive your car on the same policy.

Whichever type of policy you are looking for, simply by clicking the links below you could be making savings on your car insurance today.

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