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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Will an Apple a day keep the laptop away?

The way things are moving forward it might not be long before you say goodbye to your netbook, the just-arrived e-book readers and maybe even

laptops and desktops. And if Apple has its way, even mobile handsets might be facing a bleak future! The Cupertino-based technology wizards have, as all of you know, at last unveiled the much read, heard and rumoured about tablet, iPad. Billed to be a communication, entertainment, housekeeping; okay, not the last one, all-in-one kind of device, it surely is a glimpse at what the future holds for us.

Agreed that as usual Apple has come up with an amazingly simple but brilliant design, and knowing the kind of technology these guys dabble with, we surely can hope for nothing less than a miraculous performance out of it. But there is something that has surprised us, something that has never happened before, the pricing tactics by Steve Jobs and his team. Never before have we seen an Apple product so aggressively priced. With everyone expecting a price tag to the tune of $1000, the $499 shocker surely has to be the deal clincher.

Now moving on to the technical dynamics-what we have here is a product bundled up to do stuff like browse the web, watch videos and images, listen to music, play games, read e-books and a lot more. Its Kindle-killer feature, the iBook, lets you browse and buy through the thousands of volumes available at the App Store. Everyone knows about Apple’s legendary touch technology. And the iPad features several multi-touch apps that make working on it a breeze. Even a simple task like browsing the Internet is a different experience cause of the intuitiveness this device brings to it.

With measurements that defy the dimensions of any netbook ever made, this iPad is as of now the thinnest and the lightest device with computing abilities. And apart from the millions of apps available at the App Store, 12 apps have been specially created for the iPad.

Everything about the iPad is cool, but one. We’re in an era where even 1 TB of space seems less, and the max an iPad offers is 64GB. Surely we can have some way out. Otherwise from all the info Apple has released, the iPad sure seems like the perfect product to begin this decade with. And from past experience, at least, Apple’s products do have the bite that they suggest on paper. Now all that we’re waiting for is to get our hands on one of these and start padding away! Related Posts with Thumbnails