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Thursday, October 15, 2009


STAC is integrated software for small, medium and large business houses. Stac has thousand of users in India and abroad, it is one of the most used software by various business organizations. STAC has set of tools and extensive arrays of features with which users can do efficient, scalable, accurate, fast billing, inventory control, sale, purchase or any other record of day to day activity easily and helps you to streamline your decision making. STAC allows data manipulation very easy. The stac is a best accounting and inventory software choice for all business in spite of their type and size. STAC is most powerful, flexible, versatile and easy to Use solution for all business needs. It has been designed in such a way that it Suits your entire requirement. Users with little computer knowledge can use it. The above all feature of STAC is that is error free and very cheap as compared to other software available in the market. With our product you can use the power of ODBC with which you can import data from your current business package.With this the shifting of work to STAC would be quite easy.

The STAC is the right inventory and accounting software choice of all business in spite of their type or size. The system offers the most powerful, versatile, flexible and easy to use solution for your business needs. Our product makes you to use the power of ODBC technology that allows importing the data from any of the business packages you are currently using. In this way you can easily shift the working to STAC. Free Download Related Posts with Thumbnails