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Thursday, October 15, 2009


It is my intention to make selling options available to everyone who has some knowledge of stock options trading without the need for the individual to be knowledgeable in the fundamentals or technicals of the stock market or its derivative options. I myself, even to this day, continue my option selling activities without bothering to look into the fundamentals and technicals of market behavior.

Every book on option trading strategies have the authors recommending trading techniques based on the trader’s perception of market direction. What they are saying is that you should use the trading strategy that would work best with the way you anticipate the market’s movement. But it’s impossible to predict the market! It has been said, and I fully subscribe to this thinking, that “the stock market is a random walk down Wall Street”.

I invested in mutual funds for many years and I can tell you there are very few, if any, funds that beat the market consistently year in, year out. What does this tell you? That despite the millions of dollars at their disposal for research and studies even the most highly paid investment experts working for mutual funds cannot predict the market’s direction with infallible accuracy. My option selling system is designed for the investor to trade options in reaction rather than in anticipation of the market’s behavior. You will see the meaning of this as you follow the trades illustrated in STOCK OPTIONS: THE GREATEST WEALTH BUILDING TOOL EVER INVENTED. Even the highly paid experts in the financial world can’t predict the market with consistent accuracy, so how can you and I, non-professionals, even attempt to do so? My trading system is based not on how we foresee market direction but on the assumption that we don’t know where the market will go and we trade only in reaction to its movement, not in anticipation of it. GET THE EBOOK NOW AND SEE HOW THIS IS DONE!


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Furthermore, of the many books and articles on option selling there is one thing that I find missing in all these materials. I have not found a book that describes in great detail what an option seller should do when the market turns against him. Notice I underline the words great detail. While all materials on the subject of selling options do mention some corrective measures when negative forces come into play there is not one that goes into a methodical and thorough explanation of what steps the option seller should take in a reversing market. STOCK OPTIONS: THE GREATEST WEALTH BUILDING TOOL EVER INVENTED addresses this very important issue with much detail and gives actual trading illustrations of what to do. In short, the e-book offers a step by step handholding experience of how to avoid taking a loss in the event that the market moves against the option seller.

While there are dozens of books on the subject of selling options none offer you such detailed step by step description of the option selling process as does STOCK OPTIONS: THE GREATEST WEALTH BUILDING TOOL EVER INVENTED. This e-book will make you an option seller and enable you to grow your capital steadily at returns of 30% to 60% annually, or you can use the system to generate a very decent second source of income. This ebook is yours FREE with the first month’s subscription to theoptionseller trading bulletin.

For more information or further clarification visit the FAQ page for answers to many questions commonly asked about this system. Or if you wish to read articles about option writing click here.


ONLY $29.99

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, just email me and I shall refund the full cost less PayPal fees of $1.47. Please allow 48 hours to process payment

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