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Monday, October 19, 2009

All about Bank of Montreal

BMO was originated in 1817 as Bank of Montreal. It has its member ships in Canadian Bankers Association, Interac, MasterCard International, Cirrus Network for MasterCard card users, Air Miles and it is also a registered member with the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. It is a Canadian and American business. It is the forth largest bank in Canada. It has nearly 1100 branches.

It is providing its services to individuals, government agencies, organizations, and businesses large and small at home and abroad through its 1100 branches which are located all over Canada and America. Bank of Montreal is the first permanent bank in Canada. BMO's legal head office is located in Montreal and operational headquarters is in Toronto. It is a highly distinguished financial services organization with total assets of $320 billion. Nearly it has 35’000 employees with it.

Bank of Montreal provides a wide range of retail banking, wealth management and investment banking products and solutions. It serves Canadian clients by providing personal and commercial banking business through BMO Bank of Montreal and in America through Harris. It helps you manage your financial affairs by delivering a wide range of financial services. Bank of Montreal has its branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong kong and in Shanghai.

Loans and Mortgages Offered
  • Variable Rate Mortgages
  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Self-employed Homeowner Mortgages
  • Fixed Rate Term Loans
  • Floating Rate Term Loans
  • Installment Loan Plan
Variable Rate Mortgages are divided in to 3 types including 6-Year Flexible Below-Prime Mortgage, 5-Year Protected Variable Rate Mortgage, 3-Year Open Variable Rate Mortgage. Compare to other mortgages the rates Variable Rate Mortgages rates are very flexible. Depending on your mortgage interest rates you will get your payments. First three months variable mortgage will offer special discounts for mortgage loans. Generally all mortgage payments are fixed.

Fixed Rate Mortgages are also divided in to 3 types including Open 6 month 1 and 18 year, Convertible 6 month and Closed 1 to 7 years and 10 year. If you are thinking of selling your home and believe rates will decline, then it is suitable to you. Bank of Montreal offers maximum flexibility and budget with certainty. Interest rate and payments are.

BMO mortgage insurance Protect your family home. It is offering Mortgage Life Insurance and Accident & Illness Mortgage Protection. It offers many investment products like Daily Investments, Short-Term Investments, Long-Term Investments, Planning for Retirement etc. Those will meet your investment targets in a satisfied way. Related Posts with Thumbnails