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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cash Back Credit Cards For Business

We all know that one of the best benefits of business credit cards is their reward programs. Reward programs are also categorized based on the rewards it provides. There are Frequent Flyer Miles Programs for frequent travelers, Gas Reward Programs for transportations and fuel discounts, and of course, the Cash Back Reward Programs.

Most business credit card holders choose a cash-back reward card because it’s easier to collect points and earn rewards. It also enables them to use their rewards as cash or as an additional funding to the business.

Cash back or cash rebate credit cards certainly work well with businesses who charge large amount of expenses on their credit card. If you own a business, this is an opportunity you should definitely take advantage of.

Cash back business credit cards offer different terms and conditions depending on its issuer. Some business credit cards offer cash-back bonuses from all kinds of purchases you spent on your card while others only give cash-rewards if the purchase was made from any of its selected affiliate merchants.

Cash back programs work in a simple way. For every amount of purchase the business credit card holder charges in his account, he or she will be earning a corresponding point. Usually, business credit cards give at least one point or 2 points for every dollar spent on the card. These points are also equivalent to cash that the card holder can use to make new purchases or to pay bills on his account. Take a look at the following examples of business credit cards in the market today:

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