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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Consumer Advice: Unwanted credit cards

Unwanted credit cards (NC)—If you receive a credit card in the mail that you didn't order, here, according to information on Industry Canada's Consumer Information Gateway website, is what you should do:

Consumers are not liable for a credit card they did not request. However, you should destroy any unsolicited credit cards immediately. Using the credit card constitutes acceptance of the card. If you use the card, you will have to pay the bill. Similarly, do not cash small cheques that are sent to you without reading the small print. Doing so often locks you into paying for products or services you may not wish to purchase.

For more information on unwanted credit cards, and other questionable marketing practices, visit . It's a Web site created by federal, provincial, territorial governments and their partners specifically to provide Canadians with convenient, one-stop access to hundreds of objective, reliable, current consumer information sources.
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